To leaflet or not to leaflet

I’m taking a risk. Everybody I know disagrees with me but I feel really strongly that I don’t want to waste paper sending leaflets around to everybody that get looked at for a minute then thrown away.

I hate junk mail and whilst I know how important it is to get my message across to everybody who has a vote, I hope nobody thinks I am insulting them by not contacting them in that way. I am hoping that the work I am doing digitally and through traditional and social media will be enough but if it isn’t, at least I haven’t been a hypocrite.

The environment is everything and paper is a wonderful resource but it takes a lot of processing to get from tree or used paper to bleached, print ready paper, plus inks.
So forgive me, and don’t hold it against me. I am totally available to answer any questions and am of course up for any potential hustings meetings, and will come and do talks to groups if I am invited – but it’s a no to leaflet mailings, sorry.