Thanks anyway

Thank you to everybody who voted for me – unfortunately though, not enough did and I did not win on this occasion.

I need a few days to pick myself up. The last four years have been a lot of work but enjoyable in many ways. I felt like we were really making great strides towards improving our environment in East Devon and I hope that continues.

At the moment I am tired and confused. I’ve given a lot in time and enthusiasm, but it wasn’t enough apparently. 26 votes is not a lot to lose by, and maybe that makes it even harder to take.

I guess my decision to not leaflet for environmental reasons was assumed to be laziness or indifference to many people. Ah well, can’t do anything about that now – I stuck to my beliefs as I always do and nobody could’ve persuaded me differently.

Thanks again to anyone who took the time to vote, and to those who have supported me and worked alongside me the last 4 years. I’m sure once I’ve picked myself up I will have more time to get stuck into life again.


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