As expected…

“What first rang alarm bells for me was on the back of the envelope this came in was the return address to Conservative Campaign Headquarters in London.

“Then the return envelope is not the address of the council, but the address of the local Conservative Association.

“I have informed the returning officer at the council about it, because I don’t like to be targeted in this way by any political party. The question is what do they do in those two days after receiving these forms back and then forwarding them onto the council, if indeed they do. 

“They would have by date of birth, address and signature. What could they do with those. It appears to me they don’t really care for data protection laws.”

Andrew Parnall, who lives in the Labour constituency of Derby South,
iNews 28/3/23

In the age where data protection is vital, and when the Conservative party were so worried about voter security that they introduced the draconian Photo ID policy, this is just another undermining of democracy that we should ALL be very concerned about. I know I am.

Please take your vote seriously and be careful who you trust.